STM – a token that rises in price every 10 minutes by using the ATCP technology introduced in Stoxum HDEX.








Tokens sold:
13,511,706 STM
Bonuses: +0%
Soft capHard cap

ATCP + Dividends

How ATCP works?
Every 10 minutes, trading mechanisms buy up STM tokens at market price for an amount equal to 100% of the Exchange's revenue in the last 10 minutes.

STOXUM token holders receive dividends on 100% of the platform revenue depending on how many tokens they have

All platform revenues are used for dividends:
  • 1Transaction fees
  • 2Paid voting to add new coins
  • 3Payment to launch the White Label solution
  • 4Paid services and premium accounts
Dividends accrued in real time to the wallet with STOXUM tokens at the exchange rate at the moment of the transaction**Automated Token Circulation Pool, HDEX = Hybrid Decentralized Exchange

Token sale period

Target $6,000,000
Target $12,000,000
Target $18,000,000
Target $24,000,000
Target $30,000,000
Closed Presale
04/30/18 – 05/05/18
CAP 30,680,000 STM
Presale 1
05/10/18 – 05/20/18
CAP 53,680,000 STM
Presale 2
05/25/18 – 06/06/18
CAP 71,850,000 STM
Presale 3
06/10/18 – 06/17/18
CAP 89,700,000 STM
Presale 4
06/20/18 – 06/25/18
CAP 100,000,000 STM
07/01/18 – 08/10/18
CAP 200,000,000 STM
Beta test launch

Token distribution

tokens available for sale

Total emission:200,000,000 STOXUM
Fixed price

1 STOXUM = 0.00002 BTC

*All unsold tokens will be destroyed


  • A hybrid system adopting the best of centralized and decentralized exchanges
  • Full transparency with reports on all transactions
  • Top-5 cryptocurrencies available for trading at the start
  • Innovative voting system for adding coins
  • Up to 2 new coins added every month
  • 100% dividend revenue for all tokens holders
  • Affiliate program with the highest allocations
  • White Label solution to launch your platform
  • HTTP & WebSocket API for trading mechanisms
  • Trading bots built into the platform working with different algorithms

Hybrid system

Unique operating system

100% security based on the verification of all transactions via decentralized nodes

The best of both centralized and decentralized exchanges.

1,000,000 transactions per second

Master nodes make it easy for anyone to launch

Open client source code

Open master node source code

Full transparency of operations

Each token holder can download detailed reports on all transactions in the system.

TOP-5 Critical Currency

At the start, the Top-5 cryptocurrencies according to CoinMarketCap will be available for trading – BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, and XRP.

Unique voting system

The decision to add new coins is made by users.

An innovative voting system will factor in the overall turnover of the account, as well as the number of STOXUM tokens available.

Impossible to drive up the votes – a detailed report on all votes is available to each user in real time.

New tokens every month

Up to 2 new tokens will be added every month by vote.


Each account will receive discounts for bidding depending on the investment.
5,000 STM and more
7,000 STM and more
12,000 STM and more
18,000 STM and more
25,000 STM and more
40,000 STM and more
80,000 STM and more

Affiliate Program

STOXUM provides the opportunity to earn by involving traders through its affiliate program.
The highest allocations on the market, depending on the volume of trades of the traders involved – from 20% to 50%.
Allocations to accounts on the platform in real time for each transaction involving the trader.
A two-tiered referral program; income from involved partners depending on the volume of trades – from 3% to 15%.
Subaccounts – launch your own affiliate program with controlled allocations for CPA networks.

White Label

Launching your brand in one click - the ability to launch a fully customizable brand of the exchange and legalize it to any market independently.
Key features:
  • You choose the pairs and coins traded
  • Set your own fees on trades
  • Option to connect your own currencies, for example, Fiat
  • High percentage of allocations – from 60% to 80%
  • Detailed reporting on all transactions at any time
  • Ready-made launch client with the option to change the design using your own developers


A simple API to write your own trading mechanisms.

Detailed documentation

HTTP protocol compatible

WebSockets compatible

Flexible access permissions settings for tokens

Trading Bots

Ready-made trading bot mechanisms to launch on the platform
  • 1Flexible settings for bot parameters
  • 2Selection of trading algorithms
  • 3Limit your losses – stop loss & take profit logic
  • 4Launch in a single click without knowing the algorithms


September–December 2016

Origin of the idea

Search for like-minded people and expand the team

January–March 2017

Development of the project concept

Consult with traders

Analysis of the pros and cons of centralized and decentralized exchanges

March–June 2017

Finalize the platform concept

Development of algorithms for trading bots

July–December 2017

Platform architecture development

Expansion of the dispersed team

January–March 2018

Expansion of the trading functionality of the platform

Preparation for ICO

April–July 2018

Conducting ICO

Marketing to attract investors

Preliminary arrangements with exchanges to place tokens

Internal ALPHA test of the platform among the team

August 2018

Launch of the closed BETA test of the platform among token holders

Start of token placement on the exchanges

September 2018

Launch of the beta version of the platform

Token is traded on 3+ exchanges

Placment on CoinMarketCap

October 2018

Publishing the open source code of the client

Launch of the White Label solution

Commissioning of the master node and decentralization mechanism

December 2018

Launching of trading bots on the platform

Start voting for adding coins

January 2019

Token is traded on 10+ exchanges


Mr. Stox

Mr. Stox

Founder and Chief Ideologist

Mr. Go

Mr. Go

Head of Development

Mrs. Javascript

Mrs. Javascript

Tamer of Client Code Disobedience

Mr. Markup

Mr. Markup

Interface Assembler

Mrs. Sketch

Mrs. Sketch

Heart and Soul of the Design

Mr. Cryptonium

Mr. Cryptonium

Diversify to Earn Money

Mr. Market

Mr. Market

Head of the Algorithmic Trading Group

Mrs. Hodl

Mrs. Hodl

Distance Player

Mrs. Pumpy

Mrs. Pumpy

Founder of One of the Largest Pump Funds

Rest of the team
Mrs. Strats

Mrs. Strats

The brain of strategy

Mr. Adman

Mr. Adman

Ad manager

Ms. Top

Ms. Top

Marketing – there is nothing that can be easier

Mr. Dredd

Mr. Dredd

The lawyer


Jose Emmanuel, IV E

Cryptocurrency Advocate, Community Manager, Crowdsale Advisor and Web & Blockchain Application Developer hailing from the Philippines.

Brian Juat

Brian is the co-founder of Mosspole, a blockchain advisory start-up. He is an expert in community management, design, and public relations. He brings extensive knowledge on ICO's and the steps needed for success.

Dean Karakitsos

Dean is the founder of Bloqchain Science that builds secure decentralized systems using blockchain technology for identity solutions, tokenization-of-things (ToT), on-chain/off-chain payment solutions, security and audits of smart contracts. He made it for 3 years in a row to be listed in INC 500 fastest-growing private companies in the United States.


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Questions and answers

Why doesn't the team reveal their names?
The main idea of the project is to create a product managed by society. In this case, the product itself belongs to the community, and not to certain individuals.
Where can I see the source code?
The source code for the creation of the White Label and master node will be publicly available on GitHub based on the road map after the end of the sale of tokens and launch of the platform on August 20 in test mode.
Why create another exchange?
We agree that this is a reasonable question, given the competitiveness of the market. Nevertheless, the main goal of this project is somewhat different. The platform gives users the opportunity to create their own stock exchanges under their own brand, and regulate them as they see fit. The platform unites the best of both worlds from decentralized and centralized exchanges, combining them to launch a new exchange era. The simultaneous combination of centralized exchange speed, as well as the incomparable reliability of a decentralized exchange—this is the future, and it is bound to take over the market.
Can you tell us a little more about dividends?
Dividends are not tied to the platform. This means that to receive dividends, you need to store tokens in your personal wallet. 100% of income is distributed among all holders. Dividends are distributed in the form of STOXUM tokens to wallets in near real time (once every 10 minutes). Before sending dividends, the system aggregates revenues in different currencies and purchases the tokens sold on the platform to be sent as dividends. This mechanism promotes the growth of the token itself, and also lets you keep tokens in your personal wallet, and there not attach yourself to a single exchange.
100% of the share? How is that possible?
The ICO of the platform is unique, and provides for 100% distribution of income under its dividend program. How is this possible? It's simple! The development team is also investing their funds to get the desired percentage. STOXUM is something more: it belongs to the community. The idea of the project is based on the fact that the ICO will accumulate the necessary funds for an aggressive PR campaign and critical mass growth. Each investor can also receive detailed reports on all transactions in the system, ensuring the honesty of all allocations.
How to contact you?
If you have a question or suggestion, we are always in touch and glad to hear them. Write to us for support on the site itself (located at the very bottom right) or on our official email - [email protected]

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